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Crypto Wallet
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dapps

Feature-rich open-source development for RSK blockchain


With React Native, iOS and Android apps implemented with one set of code

Multi-sig Shared Wallet

Shared Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets with multi-signature

Wallet Connect Integrated

Connect to hundreds of Dapps and Scan QR code for payment

ENS Support

Create wallet with preferred nickname using Ethereum Name Service

Blockchain Toolchain

Web3.js alike NPM Javascript libraries for RSK blockchain, open source on Github

Identified and tackled Web3.js incompatibility

Light-weight design with bottom-up restructure

Security audited by Quantstamp

Install and use with ease

Smart Contract experience with games

Our game ranked as top 10 on EOS and surpassed $200M volume in transaction


Language: Rust

ink! is an eDSL to write WebAssembly based smart contracts using the Rust programming language and deployed on Substrate framework.


Language: Solidity

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language for implementing smart contracts on Ethereum.

Web Assembly

Language: C++

Web Assembly(WASM) engine is the smart contract virtual machine built in EOS blockchain.

Open Source Contributions

We commit code in public open source repositories and take part in discussions among open communities


Web3.js is a Javascript library that allows user to interact with an Ethereum node using HTTP, IPC or WebSocket.

Wallet Connect

WalletConnect is a protocol for connecting Dapps to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking.


EOSIO is the core implementation, smart contract engine and development stake of EOS blockchain.

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