Forge Lab

A decentralized blockchain accelerator with nodes in San Francisco, Toronto and Beijing

What is Forge Lab

Drive mass adoption of blockchain industry

Destined to drive mass adoption of blockchain, we selectively work with projects in Gaming, Social Media and E-commerce spaces

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Our Services

Together we build the tokenized future

Early Stage Incubation

We help startups structure blockchain foundation including tokenomics, governance model and token sale structure.

Investor Relations

With accumulative experience and relations in blockchain space, we introduce our portfolios to the right investors at the right time.

Media and Events

We connect youtubers, journalists and bloggers and craft media kits for marketing, and increase portfolios' exposure among major events.

All Services

Blockchain Strategy

We are the seasoned advisors to analyze your business, incubate strategic use-cases, and deploy leading blockchain products.

Tokenomics Design

With years of research in tokenomoics, we help clients to craft token model that is suitable for their application's specific needs.

Investor Relations

Forge Lab's Strategic Advisory Group is home to veteran blockchain advisors and investment bankers from leading advisory firms and financial institutions.

Media Channel

We connect journalists, producers and bloggers with our clients and expertly craft press releases to convey the right message, at the right time, to targeted audiences.

Community Building

Forge Lab is a group of seasoned community operation advisors, who will guide portfolio teams through different stage of community building with the right cadency.

Exchange Listing

Forge Lab also connects clients with major and medium exchanges, assisting them to pass the right message and to prove their delivery ability to exhange.