Our story

Forge Labs is a blockchain technology company, established at San Francisco 2018. We focus on the research and development of blockchain applications, including iOS & Android apps and web-based Dapps.

We believe that one day many contracts will be presented on blockchain

Just like Internet has been transforming our daily life for the past 20 years, the unique features of blockchain will transform the way we perceive and store assets.

With the dev tools we build, other developers can easily access this nascent technology. We have been looking for great solutions.

Enthusiastic and seasoned developers around the globe

Over the years, our team has built blockchain specific skills such as Bitcoin signature, EVM smart contract development, and node RPC calls etc.

We are up-to-date with the latest trend of blockchain technology, and on the lookout of the newest solutions to the most challenging problems.

Core team

We're a diverse team of open-minded people working together to build the decentralized future.

Chris Li

Founder/Rust Developer

Xingyou Chen

Rust Developer

Zhongwei Shi

Javascript/React Native Developer

Kangbin Ge

Javascript Developer

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