Join Forge Labs

The team has many senior experts engaged in the development and technical research of the blockchain field, and has participated in the development of many blockchain open source projects including Ethereum, EOS, and RSK.

Why you should join us?

With lots of guidance and assistance in team work, you can get started in blockchain faster than anywhere else.

Personal growth

Learn and grow super fast in a very challenging environment.

Nascent industry

Experience a journey of pioneers before the main stream.

Competitive salary

Get paid at a competitve rate, just like working at San Francisco.

Flexible schedule

Enjoy the flexibility of our working schedule. We always work at the most efficient time.

Unparalleled reward

We invest into projects with our skills and effort. When we do right, the returns are unparalleled.

Global community

Work and hang out with people from the U.S., Canada and China. Learn cultures and languages from other countries.

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